Management Services: A Deeper Relationship.

We believe having independent vision doesn't mean you need independent infrastructure. Share the services you need to run your creative business.

Within the CultureWorks community, you can find a safe harbor to test new ideas, manage change, minimize loss, and maximize gain.


We manage together.

Perhaps you are:

  • A creative who has been running a community centered arts program for years as a side project and want to take it to next level.
  • A creative who received funding for a project, but need help managing bookkeeping, HR, and future contributions
  • A leader of an organization who needs to free up capacity to actually focus on mission building - and not the pile of invoices you need to enter into your bookkeeping system and pay. 

There our folks just like you in our commons who have moved their work under our move-in ready, shared nonprofit home. By doing so, the CW Admin Team shares responsibility with you for income, expenses, success, failure, trial, and triumph. Our relationship is based on trust and co-management.


If you'd like to take a deeper dive into the model of our shared management services, you can do so by clicking this link:  Model A Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship

We've got your back (office).

Everyone under our Management Services allocates 12% of their monthly earned and contributed revenues to a shared pool of capital that covers the following services. Regardless of the amount of revenue you bring in, you receive the full benefit of all of the below resources.

  • Bookkeeping, Cultural Data Project (CDP) Reporting, and IRS/BCO Compliance 
  • Bill Paying, Payroll, and Human Resources Management 
  • Basic Insurances & Insurance Administration 
  • Procurement, Cash Flow, and Financial Management
  • Revenue Tracking, Banking, and Donor Acknowledgement
  • Access to Legal Services and Standard Legal Forms
  • Project Management & Board Oversight
  • Shared Management Policies, Systems, and Best Practices
  • Donor Management Support
  • Grant Management Support


Do what you love.

Together we will manage better, smarter, consistently, and efficiently so that you can do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Moving your operations under our shared, non-profit home allows you to remain independent for the things that matter.

You're joining a community.

Joining our shared non-profit home brings you deeper into our community - a community with similar concerns and challenges, where opportunity for inspiration and collaboration abounds. There is power in numbers.

  • More leverage to raise funds.
  • Sharper tools to solve problems.
  • The ability to share staff.
  • A louder voice in the world.