Our commons is inspired by a means of community based economic and social support practiced within a vast variety of cultures, regions, and time periods:  the sharing of resources.

For many folks, especially members of historically marginalized communities, sharing money, food, living quarters, supplies, and more is how they gained access to the resources they needed to not only survive, but flourish. Through sharing resources, they were able to reduce costs and other barriers that served as hindrances to finding support for their work. 

The CultureWorks community continues this tradition as an intentional community of creative and cultural practitioners,  a management commons dedicated to providing equitable access to the resources creative and cultural practitioners in the Greater Philadelphia region need to flourish. 

Our Commitment
Flourishing is the ability to determine and define, both individually and collectively, the questions, challenges, and joys that define your vision and work. As a result, our community is committed to combating language, belief systems, structures, and practices designed, whether by intention or accident, to oppress or impede the path to flourishing and vision.

We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion. We accept members into our community who are committed to their purpose, capable of working collaboratively, respectful of different cultures and differing perspectives, and dedicated to the advancing the collective flourishing of the CultureWorks community and beyond.

What We Share
Currently, members of CultureWorks share three main resources:

  1. Space

  2. Management Services

  3. Skills & Expertise

We are working on how we might share marketing and fundraising support. Stay tuned for that.


For Members General Membership

Discover, advise, and get to know each other.

Begin your journey into our commons with General Membership.

Membership is month-to-month and gets you access to: 

  • Extra hands (and minds) to get things done.
  • 20 hours/month access to our shared workspace.
  • Opportunity to add-on space or consulting support as needed.
  • 360-degree assessment session of your project or organization with the CW Admin Team & a summary report.

For Members TRACK 2 - Shared Management

Manage your business together.

We’ve got your back (office).

Let's manage your creative business together.  
Share non-profit status with other CultureWorks members. A 12% allocation of your earned and contributed revenues helps you and other commons members receive a back office support system comprised of humans, processes, and software:

  • Legal Tools
  • Basic Insurances
  • Finance and HR Staff
  • Bookkeeping Software
  • Donor/Grant Management


Raise financial resources together

Let’s scale upward and outward.

Currently under development. We are working on how we might help you raise the financial resources need to grow your project. 5%-20% of monthly earned and contributed revenues gets you a shared advancement staff.

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Data Management
  • Operating Funds